Zorbing on water

Zorbing is certainly one of the more stranger trends that has taken action oriented folks by storm, zorbing traditionally involves being put inside a huge inflatable ball and being rolled down a hill, with the padding of the ball designed to stop any serious harm coming to the rider. Not content with staying on dry land, the folks who invented water zorbing created specially designed balls with an additional water proofed layer so you can enjoy being on the water while you zorb.

With the apparent inspiration of zorbing coming from hamster balls, it probably wasn’t going to be too long before someone designed the same contraption in human size, and similarly it was only going to be a matter of time before the sport got taken out onto the water. Water zorbing is perhaps a lot calmer than zorbing on land, as typically you won’t be rolled down hill, but instead you get the opportunity to run or walk on water in a way that you normally couldn’t. It may not be for everyone, and it certainly can be quite a cardio workout if you intend to spend long periods of time inside a zorb ball, but for those who have tried it, there’s no turning back.

Designed with fun and safety in mind, you typically won’t find yourself being taken to the middle of the ocean and thrown in, instead most water zorbing takes place on either a calm lake or in a well fenced area of the ocean, similar to places used for casual swimmers.

If you’ve been zorbing before, or even if you haven’t, and are looking for something new to experience, then checking out zorbing on the water is definitely going to be something you’ll want to do if you ever get given the opportunity.