Kite surfing

A sport which bears similarity to both water skiing and surfing, kite surfing, or kite boarding as it is also known, involves using a kite as a propelling force. Falling into the category of extreme sport, the participants will attach either skis or a surf board to their feet and use a large kite in order to give themselves some speed so they can be propelled along the surface of a body of water. Possible to do on both the ocean or on a lake, the only limitations to kite surfing are the surfers skill and the weather. Typically windy days may not be sought after for those heading down to the beach, but if you want to try your hand at kite surfing then wind is absolutely a must.

The history of kite surfing is a long one, and even dates back to the 1800’s, although at that time the kites were used to propel carts and not people. But kite surfing as a sport was developed in the 1970s, with Gijsbertus Panhuise of the Netherlands receiving the first patent for Kite Surfing.

There are a number of kite surfing competitions the world over, where surfers compete in events such as speed, jump height or trick surfing.