Top Underwater Sports Worth Trying

Underwater sports, as the name suggests, are sporting disciplines staged underwater. Some aquatic sports enjoy more massive popularity than others, recreationally and competitively. There are plenty of options for anyone looking to compete in these events. That said, here is a list of underwater sports worth trying.


Aquathlon is a sport that sees competitors wrestle underwater. The wrestlers wear fins and water masks. The main goal for each player is to remove a ribbon tied to the competitor’s ankles. Each game takes three 30-second rounds. An additional match is played in case of a tie after the three rounds. The combat typically takes place about five metres below the water’s surface.


Spearfishing is also usually done as an underwater sport. It involves impaling fish while swimming underwater, using a harpoon, spear, or any other sharp object. In most cases, it requires spear guns to launch the projectile to target the fish. However, using mechanically powered spear guns is illegal in some countries.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey, popular as octopush, is a limited-contact aquatic sport involving two teams competing to manoeuvre a puck at the bottom of a pool using a hockey stick. The rules of the game are relatively similar to those of standard hockey. However, the game’s main challenge is that players are not allowed to use any breathing devices during the game, meaning they have to hold their breath.

Underwater Rugby

Underwater rugby is a team sport that involves two teams competing to score the ball into the opponent’s goal. The ball used is filled with salt water to make it negatively buoyant. Despite the name, the underwater sport has very little in common with standard rugby.

Underwater Target Shooting

In this game, the participants compete to aim at a target underwater using a spear gun. The target is typically a panel of 33 by 35 cm, made of plastic form.