Water Sports and Skin Care

Recent decades have seen a remarkable increase in the popularity of water sports, from water-volleyball and water-basketball to synchronised diving and finswimming. What’s more, many water sports, such as aqua jogging, are now recognised as effective forms of low-impact physical therapy.

Broadly speaking, water sports can be divided into two main categories depending on the aquatic setting in which they are practised; those carried out in chlorinated pools and those done in saltwater environments. It is vital to note, however, that prolonged exposure to both types of water, chlorinated and saltwater, can have adverse effects on one’s skin.

For this reason, serious practitioners of water sports should consider using Verso super facial serum, which both restores and strengthens skin-types of all kinds while also promoting long-term skin-health.

Water Sports in Chlorinated Pools

Numerous types of water sports are typically practised in chlorinated swimming pools. These include competitive swimming, springboard diving, and water aerobics, to name only a few examples. But while chlorine represents an effective means of disinfecting pool water, sustained exposure to the chemical can lead to varying degrees of skin damage.

Because it contains Retinol 8, a stabilised Vitamin A complex, Verso super facial serum can reverse this damage by boosting the skin’s natural production of collagen. Eight times more efficacious than ordinary Retinol, the regular application of Retinol 8 dramatically reduces signs of ageing, such as discolouration and wrinkling.

Water Sports in Saltwater Environments

Water sports, however, aren’t confined to swimming pools. Many popular forms of modern-day water sports are practised on the beach, in the ocean, or in other saltwater settings. Water sports of this variety include jet-skiing, surfing, and kneeboarding, among many others.

But while sun and saltwater provide numerous health benefits, prolonged exposure can also pose risks, especially to one’s skin. This is because saltwater often contains a range of toxins due to rising levels of ocean pollution. For example, one recent study found that extended ocean-water exposure can affect the composition of the skin microbiome, which can, in turn, lead to skin infections.

Fortunately, the frequent application of Verso super facial serum can offset the risks posed by pollution-borne toxins. Packed with rejuvenating amino acids, this peptide-rich serum bolsters skin-cell quality, thereby fortifying the skin against potential infection and irritation.