Jet pack flying

Although this may not typically be considered a water sport, jet pack flying is a sport that has recently come into existence. Certain to thrill any spectators, the sport looks almost like an impossible feat, as the jet pack rider looks like he is effortlessly flying.

Typically the equipment consists of a board that the rider will attach to his feet, water is then pumped into the board and expelled at high speed in order to create upwards lift. Requiring extremely good balance as well as foot dexterity in order to use the pedal style controls, jet packing isn’t going to be for everyone. But for the particularly adventurous types who are looking for a challenge they aren’t going to be able to find around every corner, jet pack flying certainly gives them that opportunity.

Models of the jet pack can vary, with some being full body suits and some only attaching to the feet. There has also been great interest in developing this technology from both the military and fire departments, as being able to access great heights without the use of ladders or cranes would enable greater feats to be achieved by those organizations.